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You will hide Cydia App without any signs of break-in. The full how-to

The goal of Cydia App and spy software in general is to monitor someone else’s activity on target cell phone without being caught. Otherwise, this app become useless on the one hand; you may deteriorate relationships and lost person’s trust on the other hand. It is not your plan, right? Don’t kill yours mood, because Cydia App is concealable software. That’s why it’s time to clear up how to make spy software hidden on target cell phone.
In my article you’ll find simple and quick way to do it without any complications. My method allows you doing it without uninstalling Cydia App from device. Besides, this procedure is obligated if you need to withhold the iPhone Jailbreaking.
It’s important: I propose you the way, which is totally free. If you want to thank me, then leave your comments under this article. I’ll be pleased with your thoughts and recommendations.

Why Cydia App have to be hidden

The installation of monitoring software on iPhone, iPad and iPod without Jailbreaking is impossible. No one can do it at this time, and such fact makes anybody who wants to spy for someone else snaps off device. But very soon another problem occurs: you have to clean up the mess you’ve done.
What is the mess? The icon of software will be situated right on the iPhone home screen. That’s why target person will quickly find out what does it mean and who did it.

Let’s do it. 5 steps to hide Cydia App

 Best Cydia Apps1. Find Cydia App icon on desktop or in main menu. Open it and seek for SBSettings. This additional application is multifunctional and totally free, but it will play the biggest role in our plan. Don’t depreciate its features.
2. Click to the bottom, download SBSettings and install in on cell phone.
3. After installation open SBSettings and click to ‘settings’, then ‘more’ and finally ‘hide icons’ bottom.
4. The list of all icons will be opened, but you have to find Cydia App there and slide the bottom off.
5. To be in extra safe I recommend you to hide SBSettings. Do all tasks in step 4, but find SBSettings and slide the bottom off.
The biggest advantage of this method is that iPhone owner will never find out that his smartphone was jailbreaked and someone is monitoring his texts, browser history, contacts, and other activity. The Cydia App icon is hidden and the program which allows it also does. When phone owner uses his gadget, he doesn’t see spy software icon on home screen.
I’ve tested this way several times and spy software were hidden on each device I’d tried to monitor.

What to do if you need to renew the visibility of these applications?

CydiaApp Imagine something had changed and you don’t want to spy exact phone anymore. To get all settings back just follow next recommendations.
1. Swipe the status bar to the right or left.
2. Click the bottom ‘more’ and choose ‘hide icon’.
3. Switch over the slider from off to on.
Besides, if you need to jailbreak someone else’s iPhone or other devices, read my article which dedicated to such acute question.
In case if you don’t want or can’t do it, but have to monitor child’s phone look for applications which work without break-in devices. Read more my review and you will find the proper software.