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FlexiSpy Review

This app is one of the oldest on the spy software market. In last years it was in demand among careful parents and responsible bosses. Why it happened? FlexiSpy saw the world in time when the rivalry between developers was very low. On the first sight I might cause underrun in technology.
But since their first release programmers try to improve it year by year. That’s why in my FlexiSpy review I tried to demonstrate the evolution of software and both its sides good and bad.
I downloaded this app to my smartphone and tested it for a while. In general app has several cool features, but it is really expensive compared to analogues. Before you continue to read visit official website, where developer have posted important information for greens.

What was changed in November 2016

I was quite disappointed where lots of spy software developer decided to shot down their main feature – hiding app icon on home screen on target device. But in FlexiSpy it is still available.
Not so long ago developers have improved their website. They have done a great work with design and usability. Also more contact information was added on FlexiSpy website.
But it cost some money and it’s no secret that website upgrading influenced on price of their product. I guess it wasn’t a pleasant latest event for customers.


What are the differences between version for various devices

FlexiSpy supports Android, iOS, Blackberry and Symbian gadgets. But all these devices must be prepared for monitoring. So you can use the gadgets with the following operating systems:

  • Android devices up to version 6;
  • Apple gadgets 9.0.x and higher;
  • Blackberry phones and tablets up to 7.1;
  • Nokia Simbian based on Anna and Belle.

If you need device to be Rooted or Jailbroken pay extra $39 for their new White glove installation service.

Social media monitoring: from standard messages to live chats in WhatsApp

Not each software can control conversation in social media. But this feature is quite in demand among parents. With FlexiSpy they can monitor 13 services. Here are most popular: Facebook, Hangouts, Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, iMessege, SnapChat and others.

FlexispyAdditional features of Extreme package

Developers made something new in spying. They had added 3 unique features, which I haven’t ever seen. These features are: Live Call Intercept, Call Recording and Ambient Recording.
I guess it made programmers to increase their price on product. MobileSpy or mSpy both these apps haven’t such advantages. But now developers of other software are working on such features and in the future they will upgrade their apps.

My impression from how it works

As I’d already said I’ve tested FlexiSpy on my own smartphone. First I check Call Recording. In general it works fine, but only with proper connection quality. After I moved to suburb this feature started working much worse.
Then I take my attention to Call Intercept. I was pleased with this feature, because it came up to me. Also I like Live Call Intercept, but several times FlexiSpy was rebooted because of unexpected error. I still don’t understand what had happened, but I’ve already sent a repost to developer.

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Other interesting features, which deserve your attention

I liked GPS Tracking. Frankly speaking, it’s quite common advantage, but it was working stable all the time I have been tested it. Besides, this feature allows viewing history of locations – it’s good when you need to check previous data.
Also I like to mention Password Cracker in Extreme package. These addon can record all passwords, logins or usernames and other personal data on target device. But it will work only if program was installed beforehand.

How does it cost?

FlexiSpy ReviewsThere are Extreme and Premium packages of FlexiSpy on official company’s webpage in Internet. You can follow their website and compare them both. See the differences and take a decision what you want. Common features such as call and texts logs, browser history are available in standard package. If more extended features are in demand think about cheaper edition.
You can buy subscriptions on Premium package for $68 per 1 month, $99 per 3 months and $149 per 1 year. To have the full access to target device order FlexiSpy Extreme and pay $199 (3 months) or $349 (1 year).
Looks a little expensive, isn’t it? Programmers insist on unique techniques used in developing. In my conclusion I’ll share with you do this app worth buying.

What are your advantages with FlexiSpy?

Of course the head reason to buy this software is its advanced features. But there 3 additional causes why app costs so much.
It has Hidden function. You can install software and do not worry about someone will find it. Target person will not detect program files or any other signs of break-in.
It is easy to install. Developer has made a simple wizard which will help you to make everything right.
Your license isn’t limited. Programmers allow clients using application on other gadget even with other operating system.

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If any problem occurs

If you visit their official website you’ll see lots of contact information: email, live chat, phone numbers. In any time you can call or type a message and managers help with installation, usage or other questions.
Besides, they have written their instructions in 9 languages. Find your native or those you understand well enough and read valuable information.
Also Refund Policy is available for you. It means you have all rights to return your money back in 10 days in case you’re not satisfied with software. But I haven’t opportunity to do it, that’s why cannot guarantee this feature.

Do I recommend FlexiSpy?

Of course it’s not a bad program, because FlexiSpy has lots of interesting features for you. But my verdict depends on your needs. If you aspire to monitor someone else’s device and be in the center of his or her life, this program is good for you. But If you need only several services it’s quite thoughtlessly to spend $149-$349 on it.
I argue it’s really expensive for spy software. In my opinion you should think twice before purchase.
Was this FlexiSpy review useful for you? Share your thoughts in comments under this article.