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How not to skinned off while buying sell phone spy app

There are 2 main criteria in spy software choosing. First of all you seek for compliant program, which will work stably on target device. Second of all only good software is required. Check this out: if the app does not execute its direct aims, will you be satisfied with own purchase? I guess you won’t.
By these reasons your obligation is to drill down all information on official websites, follow all experts’ recommendations and make right choice.
But you might know: software purchase can be accompanied by lots of risks. There are plenty of scam companies with earn their money selling useless software. Besides, cases when so called developers propose you programs and fade in are widespread too. They take your money and dissolve into thin air.
How to make safe purchase and not to be afraid anymore? How you can be sure that in case you find bugs technical support will be available?
I’m bagging you: don’t panic. Not each company wants to rip you off; most of them work on spy software market for years and tend to turn upon people’s testimonials.
So you need a little piece of help and a good pennyworth is supplied. In this article I’m going to share several tips which will help you a lot in purchase

Examine the history of software company

Spy Apps for TabletFirstly you should be interested in the evolution of developer’s activity. To clear up it just visit his website and discover contact information, when, where and how the team has created their studio. Observe which apps do they have except the program you what to buy.
Official website can provide you with location of their office and phone numbers. These things are great advantages because every time you’ve got problems with software you can visit developer and obtain full professional help or even recovery.
Also there are several criteria which will prove that this is real business but not scam again. First observe the website quality and its usability. If there is a good template and you don’t face with “404” error all the time, then it is okay.
Secondly find out do this company has a live chat. Usually its window is situated in the right corner of your screen. Notice: live chat confirms that there work real people who support clients day by day. Then contact the support group, ask them some questions and look how manager carry himself.
Most modern companies have pages in social media and put links on them in the website footer. Visit their Facebook or Twitter, check in how often do they post and how many subscribers do they have.
Observe official website and find a FAQ page. If company has it then they ready take care about current and potential clients. Think for yourself: would unreal company spend so much time to twist you? I don’t think so.
We both know that several of this information can be fake. But the more information you have the more chances that you’ll make useful purchase.

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Don’t forget to google them

Type company’s name in search box and monitor is their website the first in search results. If they are it confirms that company spends time and money to promote own brand. They create marketing strategy and have in team marketer who plan users’ and target audience activity.
If they didn’t situate on the first page of search results then it is a really bad sign. There are several reasons why Google don’t like webpages. For example, bad search optimization, inappropriate content, spam, etc. All these online sins cause low trust and even penalties. Besides, search engines penalties can be caused by users’ complains.
Also you can face with third situation when nothing would be found. On the one hand it will satisfy you; inexpert may think it’s a good sign. But in the other hand lack of information means you’ll be fool up. If you see there is nothing clear about company it’s quite better to avoid purchase.

The time to pay

Mobile SpywareMost of spy programs are running on term contracts. It means you pay for exact period (1, 3 or 6 months). It’s comfortable for both company and client.
When you see developers which are asking for single fee think twice. If you pay one time then obtain program without any updates. It’s profitable for developer, but nor for you.

What do people talk

Online reviews and users’ testimonials give a good opportunity to check spy software features in real. In such articles you can face with good and bad sides of program and ask your question to author, who might test app by himself.
But be attentive and don’t rely on articles, which have been written by people who had never used monitoring application.

How do people share their experience

All reviews on special websites are generally short. In 2-3 sentences you can read someone else’s experience and use it for good. It’s a good way to clear up is this app good or bad.
You need to visit popular websites, where users leave their comments ant read first 10 reviews.
Notice: on such platforms you can face with manipulating testimonials. They are written for money and bring no useful information for you. In my opinion such reviews are really obvious and you should skip them.

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Observe websites as often as you can

In my practice I’d seen so many reviews and only several of them were real. Useful review is made by person who wants to help other people. He didn’t aspire to make money on this job.
That’s why I’ve made a list of questions, which help us to understand is this testimonial real or not. Here they are:

  • is this information from official website?
  • is there more additional facts about app?
  • is this website constantly updates?
  • do this webpage have contact information?
  • do people from Twitter or Facebook like it?
  • is there any media files (pictures, instruction, links)?

Hope these recommendations will play the best role in your decision. I tried to pick in this article all my experience in spy applications choosing. If you follow mentioned advises it will be quite easy for you to buy proper software.
Do you have other criteria for choosing spy software? Please give me your opinion and share it in comments.