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Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile Review

First time I faced with this application one year ago. My attention was attracted by stealth camera and several other unexpected features. That’s why I visit their official website and observe it with pleasure.
Developers insisted they had already sold more than 100 000 copies of app. It has impressed me twice. On the one hand I haven’t heard about this application before, on the other hand their achievements were quite nice. In this Highster Mobile review I will share with you my full impression from it after I have installed program.

What are the general features

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But I was disappointed because app hasn’t feature which allows limiting access to several websites or installation of inappropriate apps. So parent control is not available. But it allows deleting any app you don’t want to be on target device. It’s a remote control, which helps you never miss a harmful application on target cell phone of tablet.
Here is the list of common features, which may be useful for you too:

  • calls, emails and messages logs;
  • GPS tracking with Google Maps;
  • media files review;
  • access to contact list;
  • alerts when target programmed word is typing on mobile device;
  • remote uninstallation.

Highster Mobile Reviews

Application compatibility

Be very attentive if you decided to buy Highster Mobile. This app works with Android and Apple devices.
That’s why users with Blackberry or Symbian can’t buy it. If you own such gadget review my others articles to choose what will match your needs.

Advantages of Highster Mobile

This app has common features for greens. If you have never used spy software this one will satisfy you for first time.
Developer proposes to use camera to spy on target person. This feature allows taking snapshots without user notification. Also you can examine which apps were running and track browser history.
Developer makes one-time fee one of his biggest advantages, but I disagree with this statement. Why? I’ll explain you.

Highster Mobile ReviewDisadvantages of this software

Remember if app has one-time fee it means you’ll never get updates. In a result your software will get older day by day and nothing can be changed. Io my opinion such situation shows developer’s irresponsible behavior.
Also application has not parental control and plenty of other useful features which are available in other programs.
The price of software disappointed me too. Be sure it’s really expensive to pay $69.99 for software with such limitation.

What I’ve decided

This app has simple managing and not bad features. Maybe I could recommend it, but there are too many disadvantages.
Hope, you experience with Highster Mobile was better than my. Maybe you can share your minds on comments.