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How to monitor Skype calls and texts on cell phones

If you need to monitor someone else’s correspondence in Skype, then you came to the right place. In this new article I will share with secrets of successful spying in live chat messengers.
Skype was one of the first live chat application with pleasant design and stable usability. It is in demand among people who communicate not only with relatives and friends from foreign countries, but also with business partners. Free calls to other countries, messages to fiends and liveable video calls. Frankly speaking, Viber and WhatsApp have become much popular lately, but their apps are mostly used on mobile devices. That is why Skype still carry the name of live chat king.
Besides, Skype also has packages for all devices. It is compliant with Windows, Mac, Linux. Skype have gotten new addon recently – app for browser (only beta-version exists). It allows calling everyone who has Skype without software installation. Android, iOS and Blackberry versions are also available. You can install Skype on home phone, TV, tablet or XBOX One.

Advantages of Skype usage

Spyware for SkypeSkype gives an opportunity to have free chats and video calls with everyone on the planet who have already installed it on his PC, laptop or mobile devices. If you want to call on landlines, it will cost you money. In other cases you haven’t to pay anything; only Wi-Fi connection or mobile network is required.
Using Skype you avoid additional charges on communication. Just install this application on mobile devices you use (smartphone, tablet, etc) and call for free. In my practice most businessmen and online business owners especially prefer to deal with a subject via Skype.
Another important Skype advantage is that you always see who from your contact list is available and who isn’t ready to talk.

What is the main problem with Skype for you?

If you had faced with live chats monitoring before, then you’ve already known it was quite hard to do several years before. So spying for your children of employees have been a real problem. Old spy software allowed access to someone else’s personal correspondence, but live chats messengers was an exception.
Years later software developers decided to extend features of their apps. Current and potential clients needed it and programmers has nothing to do but follow users searches. Now several apps exist, which allow monitoring person’s Skype activity.

Skype monitoring. The full how-to

Spy Apps on SkypeI’ve mentioned before most apps for spying – mSpy, FlexiSpy and MobileSpy. All of them have extended feature which allows observation. But check in my comparation of them: several features has been disabled lately, and opportunity to hide software too.
Before choosing any of this app you should prepare target device. If you’ve got Apple gadget, then you have to Jailbreak it. For Android smartphones and tablets Root is required. How to do it safe read in my special articles.
After preparation you can install app on target gadget and use all of its functions. It a result next features will being monitor:

  • currents texting;
  • call logs with numbers and names;
  • sent and received media files.

It’s important: you can’t listen to call records, only logs with time and contact name are available.
Year by year spy software programmers have been trying to make their best to improve software features. And now you see that it’s quite easy to clear up your child or someone else’s activity in Web.
Do you want to obtain more details about Skype monitoring? Or you are trying to make a decision and doubt what exactly to choose? Then you need to review more articles dedicated to spy software or different mobile devices.
Have any question about Skype monitoring? Write your comments and I’ll try to answer your searches.