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Let’s compare: FlexiSpy, Mobile Spy and mSpy

Software applications I’ve mentioned earlier in the article title are the most popular among modern cell phones. But each of you have to make a choice – choose one program and install it on own gadget. How to find out what is a proper app? What to choose without being afraid to make a huge mistake?
FlexiSpy, Mobile Spy and mSpy – these apps are familiar to everybody. Frankly speaking, all these applications have great amount of cool and not very cool features. I’m sure you don’t want to waste own time and fell yourself in a horrible confusion. Compare software with me according to right criteria and see what you can get.

Spy Apps ComparisonNovember 2016. Important updates

Lately I also analyzed StealthGenie, but this app isn’t available now. Their website was failed because of wrong search engine optimization. Mobile Spy is not recommended anymore. Want to know the reason? Read the following research.

It’s important: I’ve created simple table, which helps to compare these apps by their main characteristics. But it doesn’t contain all features of software. I recommend you to go against my other reviews, visit the developers’ websites and examine all information there. But exactly the key features are the head reasons to make your decision.

Let’s get it started. The table to compare

First of all note, that I’ve made my research with basic packages of each app. In a result I’ve made a conclusion, that some features are available only in premium versions and upgraded versions cost more, than basic. Please, don’t execute facile decisions, just explore official website to get the best app for your cell phone monitoring.
Look at the table: it clearly demonstrates that all app have common and unique features at the same time. Some of them may be quite important for you, for example, social media or private messages.


Mspy for Parental Control

Comparison #1. Flexispy and mSpy

Both apps are obviously alike in basic features and prices. The vast majority of customers buy these applications because of next features: Call and Surroundings Recording, Call Intercept, etc. Great for simple spy software, isn’t it? Call history and Email are also in demand.
I’ve tested call recordings on Flexispy. On the one hand in standard conditions it worked well, but on the other hand in case any break in connection happens the record is going to fail. It can make you pretty obsessed, especially if you need the app to work right now.

Its competitor mSpy have another problem – the application withdrew all records features to avoid potential legal complications. Is it acceptably or not you need to decide by yourself, but let me share my opinion. I consider that software costs much money to have such disadvantages.
Besides, these apps have even matched in prices: users have to spend $199.99 for basic package of Flexispy or mSpy. Almost 2 hundred dollars allow you to use software for 3 months.
Both applications have the great advantage of other software – you can buy it for test period (for example, for 1, 3 or 6 months). Flexispy and mSpy allow discovering good and bad sides in real time, save your money and decide is program worth to be bought.

Mobile Spyware Comparison

Comparison #2. Few words about Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy entered on software market very fast because of several reasons. First of all, it was quite cheap. Many smartphone users bought it and feel themselves comfortable with all Mobile Spy features. In special demand was Call and Web history, Block apps and Lock phone. But all these advantages already have Flexispy and mSpy. So affordable price on it push customers to give precedence over competitors with common features. You could buy it for $139.97 and test software for 3 months.

Second of all, developers used to update app often. It allowed programmers to fix all bugs and constantly improve Mobile Spy. But in September 2016 something has changed – developers change their principles.
That is why I do not recommend Mobile Spy anymore. The reason is simple – developers had withdrawn several advantages, which I’ve really appreciated. But I refuse to use this application because of Hidden feature is not available in basic and premium packages. Without an opportunity to hide the app its icon on your device will be visible for strangers.
Also you have no opportunity to use Gmail, Viber, Twitter, Control via Web, Geo Fencing, and several other important services. I’m sure, it’s a real fail for developers. It a result Mobile Spy has lost its positions in the monitoring software market.

Buy Spy Apps

My final words: what you should choose?

I know most readers were waiting for the conclusion with strict recommendation for a while. But I can’t tumbs up or tumbs down for each program and point you what app to buy.The software choice has something common with shoes purchase: before shopping you analyze your wardrobe, counts how many pairs of summer, winter and middle season shoes do you have and plan what to buy.
Frankly speaking your decision in spy software also depends on similar factors. According to the situation they sound like next questions:

  • what do you want the app to do;
  • what is your target cell phone type;
  • how much money you can spend on software;
  • which personal requirements you’ve got.

But I prepare for you one fabulous recommendation – don’t buy the full version before using a demo or ordering a test period. It is the best way to check all pros and cons, which allows making wade decision. All reliable developers propose potential clients such opportunity. On the one hand it helps customer to feel that he really needs this app. On the other hand it demonstrates that the programmer is sure in software quality and has nothing to hide from you.

Whether you find proper application for your cell phone or not – continue to discover. Every day talented teams gather together to make a name. They adore It world and aspire to make it better with useful applications. Who knows, maybe one of such team will create the app of your dream.
Have experience with FlexiSpy, Mobile Spy and mSpy? Share it in the comments and let us know your rate.