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How my opinion about MobileSpy was changed. The real experience and app fate

In modern labyrinth of useful and drippy applications it is quite hard to decide what you need at end of each stroke. Do you know how many apps are released every year? Believe me or not, but enough amount to get person twisted in own preference. Besides competitors sprout like mushrooms after the summer rains, so each program tents to obsolescence.
If you use abandonware, it can cause troubles not only with updates, but also with everyday usage. In this review I decided to convince you that MobileSpy is not reliable and useful application for you anymore. Were you going to buy this app or maybe you already had it? This article will be valuable for every reader.
Note: I’ve been testing all apps I write about. MobileSpy was not an exception. This software was installed on my phone to demonstrate me and you all advantages and potential disadvantages.

June 2015. Important review update

MobileSpy ReviewsThe Hidden feature was disabled in both MobileSpy packages. The application installations will be seen by every user, who will have gadget in his hands. The app icon will confirm that this cell phone is being spied. Any efforts to hide the icon will be failed.
Besides, it is not the only one cool feature that was disabled. We also lost Phonesheriff Investigator. In a result the software doesn’t guarantee you proper suit of monitoring.
That is why I do not recommend MobileSpy anymore. Hidden feature is quite important for users, especially if you pay for it your money. And you’ll agree with me that $49.97 is high price for worthless app.
Developers have taken this decision because of mind to obligate the law. But it harms current and potential app users. I liked this service before, but now MobileSpy seems quite useless.
In my opinion this application would be gone from spy software market. Hope, you haven’t bought the service subscription for a year, so investigate my others review about monitoring software to choose proper app.

3 facts you didn’t know about MobileSpy

It has being available since 2003. That fact makes the programmer to be one of the oldest one in the cell phones monitoring developing.
Company has changed its name for 10 times. Looks impressive, isn’t it? But the reason is simple – developer tends not to be responsible. Check out: it’s quite easier to become the new company year by year, than to be held fully liable for bugs and mistakes.
Their office is situated in Florida, USA, and payment via PayPal is available, so don’t be in fear about scam.
And now let’s investigate official website – click here and take a look at several important things. Exploit all your attention to obtain full information about developer. Scrutinize phone numbers, testimonials, company’s address, etc.
In this review I’m going to separate pros and cons of buying MobileSpy. That is why I choose most important app features to render my verdict. But before my research let’s find out does this software compliant with your gadget.

Compatibility of MobileSpy with existence operating systems

MobileSpy ReviewDevice can work not only with Android (4.4.3) phones and tablets, iPhones/iPads up to iOS version 7.1.2, but also with Windows Mobile 6, BlackBerry up to 7.1 and Symbian up to version 9.5.
If your cell phone has other software build, developers can’t guarantee the application with work hand over hand.

Most important software features

Frankly speaking, each monitoring program has services which are common with other popular apps. You can monitor messages, texts, Emails, record calls, review browser history, personal content, etc. It’s useful, but general stuff.
MobileSpy has something distinct for its users – 2 packages with proper prices, which are adjusted to your needs at first sight. Let’s compare these packages and its terms of use:
1. You can buy standard version for 3 months and pay $49.97, package for 6 months for $69.97 or suit for 1 year with $99.97.
2. If you need Premium Version with Live Control Panel, it will cost $64.97 for 3 months, $89.97 for 6 months and $139.97 for 1 year.

The list of additional useful features in standard version

Messengers and Social media monitoring allow noticing feeds in popular social networks. Besides spying in Youtube, Dropbox, Gmail is also available. These simple tasks are being solved by all monitoring software, but the next features are more interesting and even unique.
With Alerts you set special worlds or numbers, which execute the driving signal role, so you can get an alert on your device. This application is productive for looking at children.
With App Blocking you will always know which programs are installed in smartphone. If you notice a wrong one, just block it.
Remote Control allows managing the device remotely. You can do everything as if the phone will be right in your hands.

The list of Live Control Panel features

MobileSpy Application ReviewIt is MobileSpy version with additional advantages. Love Control Panel allows:
watching what is going on the target phone by taking screenshots;
finding out where the phone is right now by GPS Map;
examine Email logs and send files to own mail box.
In my opinion, extended version of MobileSpy gives more advantages, but not every person needs it. Check out: do you want to pay for features you’ll never use? I don’t think so.

Why demo version is recommended

It’s quite important to have a free ‘test drive’ and feel software in real. So don’t miss such opportunity, visit official website and take a demo. Besides, after doing this you can think something like ‘What? Do I really want it or not’?

Should you buy MobileSpy?

I believe that users shouldn’t stop in seeking the best app for them. It’s like to get your first job and argue it’s the best thing that could happen to you. Continue researches, read more software review, and each time you’ll get program with more and more advantages.
Hope my review will help you to make your decision and not to regret about your choice.
P.S. Have you already used MobileSpy? Share your thoughts in comments.