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Today smartphones have necessary tools for work and recreation for everyone. They are our window to limitless information but they can be harmful for kids especially if they view inappropriate sites or use too much internet which can lead to excess net charges. There have been reviews in the past that have indicated that mobile monitoring apps are a good solution to keep tabs on net activity on smartphones.  Parents can monitor the mobile activities of their kids by using apps like mSpy for android key-logging to keep a check on calls or SMS tracking.

The mSpy app is a superb monitoring app for mobiles that will let you keep a watchful eye on your kids’ or employees’ mobile activities and it is quite a user friendly. This app works through the mode of invisibility on whatever mobile device it has been installed on. You can find many reviews on the internet that will inform you about the useful features and reliability of the mSpy app for employers and parents alike.

The Unique Features of the mSpy App

mSpy can be used to monitor specific target smartphones by tracking and locating them. Here are its many other great features:

1. Spying on mobile SMS

You will be able to view all messages sent, received or deleted by a mobile user on Gtalk, Viber, Whatsapp, Facebook and iMessage.

2. Tracking GPS location

You can monitor the whereabouts of your employees or kids and also find the GPS location of their mobile through tracking.

3. Spying on deleted messages and calls

You can track outgoing calls and incoming calls. You can also block a certain number and record calls.

4. Checking emails

It allows you to monitor the email activity of your kids to protect them from predators on the web.

5. Internet usage monitoring

It allows you to check the web history on the mobile and check URLs. You can also block inappropriate apps and web pages.

6. Access to address book and calendar

You can access the address book contacts and calendar events of your kids.

7. Control of programs and apps

It has the option that allows you to control what programs or apps the mobile’s user can use.

8. Checking multimedia files

It allows you to see the saved videos and photos on the mobile being monitored.

9. Remote controlling

Personal data of the mobile user can be protected by deleting the information remotely or putting a lock mechanism on the mobile device. This proves useful if the mobile is stolen or lost.

10. Keylogger

This feature allows you to view whatever you are tracking on the mobile and you can check whatever keystrokes have been made while using the mobile.

11. Analyzing and producing reports on mobile being monitored

It helps you to monitor many different mobile devices at the same time.

12. Customer support 24/7

A toll-free number for mSpy can be dialed or you can reach them through Live Chat or Skype for any queries.

The mSpy app can only be used in mobile devices that are smartphones. To install this app you should be able to physically access the targeted mobile. This app is compatible for iOS, Blackberry and many Android phones but to set it up in an iPhone you have to first jailbreak the phone.

How is mSpy Useful?

mSpy app is great for business as well as personal uses. Parents can monitor their kids’ mobiles usages by tracking kids’ phones through this app. They can have peace of mind knowing what sites their kids’ frequently visit, who are their friends and who else are they in touch with. mSpy is considered one of the best parent control apps in many of its reviews online.

mSpy is also very useful for employers to keep a check on the productivity of their employees. Theft and dishonesty by employees can be promptly caught through the feature that records surroundings. Once employees are aware that they are being monitored they will avoid doing such things. The mobiles can be locked and vital data can be deleted remotely if an employee steals or loses a phone.

How to Start Using mSpy

installation of mSpy

To start spying you just need to take these easy steps:

  1. Go to mSpy’s web-site and purchase the software.
  2. Download it into the phone you want to monitor.
  3. View the phone’s data from any device that has an Internet connection.

mSpy Pricing

  • $29.99 for Basic package (1 month)
  • $59.99 for Premium package (1 month)
  • $89.99 for Bundle package (1 month)

Why Paid Apps Are More Trustworthy

You can get a guaranteed approach for spying with mSpy, as it’s a classy version of spy software. It might work well for you, and you won’t miss any important details, like with free software. mSpy is highly sophisticated and you can get full support and customized spying by paying a minor amount for the high-end service. It is indeed the preferred thing because you will get quality spying without any worries of data loss, bugs or other issues arising with free software apps.

In Conclusion

The mSpy app is a highly dependable mobile tracking app with many useful features to its credit. The reviews of this app have shown that it is very easy to use and install. It is a blessing for parents who need to track the mobile activities of their kids. It is also an efficient tool for employers to enhance the integrity and productivity of workers in their companies.

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