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A proper time to share with PhoneSheriff Investigator review

What made me analyze PhoneSheriff Investigator? This application was created by Retina X Software, the developer who had designed MobileSpy. You can find my overview about it and conclusion does it worth for buying or not.
At the first sight the PhoneSheriff Investigator was released when MobileSpy developers realized their fail caused by Hidden feature shutdown.
So I decided to share my experience in testing this program in my review. Are you interested? Then let us get the report started.

New changes according to updates in December 2014

Unfortunately developers in Retina X Software followed probe-tested path and discontinued several app features. The product was removed from cell phone monitoring market, so you can’t buy or even test it anymore.
But don’t panic: there are plenty of other programs, which can solve your problems in mobile spying. Follow my reviews and discover what software will be in demand in next few years.
It’s important: I share my personal experience of PhoneSheriff Investigator Edition usage. Be very attentive before making your conclusions, because developers also have a very similar project, so called PhoneSheriff. This program replicates another developers’ offspring MobileSpy – stable version, which may be installed only on target cell phone. In contradistinction from this app, PhoneSheriff Investigator Edition is a PC program and works in a different way. Visit developer’s website to get the full technical information about software.

Phone Sheriff Investigator Reviews

PhoneSheriff Investigator: what is it and which main features are important

The general aim of this software is to let you access to someone else’s iPhone, iPod or iPad. More often than not such apps are used by parents to control their child’s behavior and outlay.
Take a note: this program is compliant only with Apple devices. If you need to obtain personal information from gadget which uses Symbian, Windows or other operating systems, then investigate my reviews and detect proper app.
First software peculiarity you need to scrutinize the installation on any phone or tablet is not available. Application is strictly reserved for personal computers. After installing PhoneSheriff Investigator on your computer or laptop you can monitor Apple devices without Jailbreak them and direct infraction of a law.
Second software peculiarity comprises its compatibility. You can run it only on Windows; Mac and Linux are not supported.
Also monitoring the user’s activity can be through the Apple iCloud service. But Apple ID and password is required.

The list of technical requirements

PhoneSheriff Investigator opens you access to several devices at one time. This feature called multiple monitoring and is really useful for parents with 2 and more children. But the program has setting limitations. It means you can install it only on one computer. So you can use PhoneSheriff Investigator only if all requirements are obligated:
Apple device has operating system iOs 5 and up to.
Gadget has access to Apple Cloud storage and you have personal ID and password.
Your own computer has Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 (Android, Blackberry, Linux are not supported).
Fast Internet connection.
If you decide to pay PhoneSheriff Investigator, then know only onetime payment is needed.Phone Sheriff Reviews

Available features

incoming and outcoming texts (sent and received, logs);
texts in iMessage service;
logs of all calls and location on the map;
media files (photos, notes, etc);
personal data (list of contacts, downloaded files, Safari bookmarks).
As you can see this application has tight advantages, but some users may appreciate them.
If you have not own account in iCloud, just spent not much time and register. After 5 GB of free backup will be available and it all private content (texts, photo, contacts, etc) will be synchronized.
Why it’s so important? No need to install any software on target device to monitor it from your PC. iCloud will make backups and let you the access to all data. But notice: you can connect to iCloud only with device owner permission.
After all this settings is customized Apple device will synchronize with iCloud every time it connects to Wi-Fi.

3 steps to start monitoring Apple devices

1. Order software on official website.
2. Check if the target cell phone is on and Apple Cloud storage too.
3. Log in the application.
Now you ready to use PhoneSheriff Investigator and monitor target cell phone.

My conclusion

Developers of PhoneSheriff Investigator are famous for software with good reputation. Also I’ve heard a lot about it as the best software to monitor your child’s activity.
So I’ve installed application on my PC and tested in for a few months. It has been working well till the last updates.
Of course in the beginning of my research I was sure, that application has lots of limitation: you can use it only with Apple devices, so target audience is abridged; it doesn’t support Windows XP and plenty of other operating systems, etc.
Maybe I could recommend PhoneSheriff Investigator some time ago, but now I’m really disappointed with last updates. Developers shut down the app and it is no longer available to use.
In my opinion it was good alternative of spy software which is needed to be installed of target cell phone. You need to install it on PC or laptop, sync with iCloud and keep an eye on your children. But something happened and anybody who wants to know what do his child doing at the moment have to seek for other applications.
Maybe you have already tested PhoneSheriff Investigator? Share in comments what you argue about it.