StealthGenie Review

Through this review of StealthGenie I will provide you all the detailed information you should know regarding this product. If you are looking for all the answers, here is where you will find them.  There are also videos with instructions so you can see firsthand how this software works. If you’ve been a user of this software before please leave your experienced comments at the end of the page. Thank you very much!

StealthGenie has rewarded the best mobile tracking app there is recently. It can track any activity in any phone that is an iPhone, Android device or Blackberry mobile. Now, it also works in Apple iPad!

Process of Installation

I would advise that you first decide on a mobile that you want to monitor. Installation of the app is a simple and fast procedure. The software can be installed quite easily using a link that will be sent to you through email once you have bought it. Once StealthGenie is set up on a phone it will stay in its system forever. It works 24/7 and will give you reports regarding everything that happens in the mobile.

The following videos will instruct you about how to install this software on iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices…

Compatibility of StealthGenie

This software works in three main smartphone devices as mentioned before. But if you want to be sure if it will work in you specific mobile device you can check this easy list of compatibility:

  • Every Android version up till 4.4
  • All versions of Blackberry phones up till 7.2
  • All versions of iOS (iPad as well as iPhone) up till 7.1.2

To be noted: Suppose any update is available in the above-mentioned smartphones’ versions, I’m sure this software will get it done immediately!

What Can You Track?

  • Personal messages from Viber, Whatsapp, Facebook, BBM, Skype and iMessage.
  • Information on calls of both recorded calls and logged calls
  • Multimedia folders like videos, music files and photos
  • SMS Texts whether they are deleted or not
  • All contacts and the emails to and from these contacts
  • Bookmarks and web browser history
  • Schedules of events and meetings
  • Address book of contacts
  • Task logs and much more

The Uniqueness of StealthGenie

It surprised me how functional StealthGenie is, I did not expect that. It enables me to do everything mentioned below:

  • Listen to and record whatever surrounding the mobile is in
  • Convey messages to contacts in the targeted mobile
  • Track the GPS position of the mobile in real-time
  • Locking the mobile
  • Geo-fencing, which means when the mobile user goes to a particular place, you will know about it.

In Conclusion

I was quite content when I used StealthGenie. If you subscribe to it, you’ll get an account from StealthGenie and once you are registered they will send all reports to you.  You can then access whatever information you need to see with your laptop or smartphone.

You need not worry regarding information leakage since all information retrieved will remain within your account form StealthGenie. This company will not want to spoil their good name as they have appeared on Yahoo, BBC and many such famous technical and news websites.

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