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Viber texts and calls monitoring: how-to for greens

Viber platform monitoring differs from common apps in personal gadgets. If you want to get access to someone else’s incoming and outcoming calls and messages, you should know why Viber has become in great request. I’m going to aggregate all information about this app and show you best ways to spy on it.

What are the main features of Viber messenger?

Spyware for ViberBoth introverts and extroverts tend to seek for communication. By this reason people always try to find new friends, keep in touch with old fellows, etc. Live chats give us an opportunity to be social and satisfy ourselves in texting. But not only adults can use Viber, but also kids too. Notice: they may find in Viber conversation less profit, than you can imagine.
This application is available in 2 main packages: for mobile devices and personal computers. With Viber you are able to send texts, receive messages from other people, call contacts in list and exchange media files. Wi-Fi connection or mobile internet is required.
Viber is free software. You can download it from official website or app market and don’t have to pay any fee. That’s why calls, texts and other Viber features are free for everyone. Only several stickers’ packages cost not much money.
There are lots of similar apps on messengers market, but Viber holds its position among people, youth especially.

Let’s permeate inside the problem

I’ve a great experience in spy software analyzing. You can find my latest review here and clear up I’ve been testing each app by myself. It allows me making useful conclusions about its usage. So if you have already read some of those articles you know their main features.
Any spy software allows viewing chats, media files, logs and other personal data. These features are standard, but not every app can monitor Viber. Earlier even if you installed spy app on target cell phone, it probably wouldn’t show you the real picture.
But apps’ developers have asserted their new software with final updates which can do it without any problem. I gathered for you most important information for productive monitoring.

How you’ll begin to spy

Spy apps market proposes not so many options to monitor Viber texts, but several programs can do it right now. Developers propose users to observe someone else’s activity only on mobile devices based on Android or iOS.
Before starting observation you need to break-in gadget. If you have iPhone of iPad Jaidbreaking is needed; for Android devices Root is required. What is it and how to break-in any device read in my previous articles.

What software to choose?

Spy Apps on ViberIn my latest reviews I recommended Flexispy and mSpy. These apps were full of extended features, which allowed users free and comfortable spying. MobileSpy haven’t released addon for Viber.
It was several time ago. Lately both Flexispy and mSpy developers disabled Hidden feature and made them useless a priori. Why? Because now the app icon will be situated right on home screen of smartphone or tablet.

What information you will get with such spy software

1. All texts sent and received via Viber.
2. Contacts and dates when texts were sent or call was done.
3. Call logs with personal phone numbers.

Which is the best?

After last updates I do not recommend any of mentioned app to use. Just think that phone owner faced with strange icon on his home screen and start to seek for problem. Can you imagine what will happen after he clears up that all this time you were spying on him? Obviously it will deteriorate your relationships.
But previous versions of MobileSpy, Flexispy and mSpy work well and I was pretty satisfied. But the time goes through and nothing can be changed. I’ll continue to test others spy apps for Viber, so wait for my next review to check them out.
Do you know another application which give access to personal Viber information? Type its name in comments for all users.